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Country Reach is a boutique digital marketing agency where we focus entirely on acquiring, maintaining and maximising the value of your fan base

fans are the only thing that matters

If you only take one thing away from this website, it should be this!


Generate new, real and engaged listeners - automatically, cost-effectively and on demand.


Permission-based marketing to build relationships with a measurable, reachable and growing fan base.


Time-tested marketing strategy to create new customers & maximize the average value of each fan.

what makes Country Reach different?

The modern music industry is decades behind in digital marketing, sales and growth. The truth is... the music industry SUCKS at marketing!

It has been built around and constantly supports a fallacy of days gone by. The myth that you need to find someone that "knows the right people" and has the right connections. The 'Gatekeepers' that can get your music in the right hands.

They attempt to blanket the market using a myriad of different strategies, all at once. Advertising in print, large stores, TV, radio... spending obscene amounts of money on a completely unmeasurable process.  

Bad marketing strategies, spending millions of pounds blindly relying on VERY expensive bets which they lose as often as they win.  

Country Reach Marketing Logo - White

Unlike most marketing and PR agencies, at Country Reach we don't focus on getting radio plays, newspaper articles, magazine interviews, being featured on a Spotify playlist or blog feature etc... because all of this doesn't mean anything for your career in music if it doesn't bring you new fans.

We focus entirely on acquiring, maintaining and then maximising the value of your fan base.

Jerry Harmon Grammy Nominated appalachian singer-songwriter and storyteller. 


Katee Kross & The Amberjax 21 year old Scottish singer-songwriter from Bishopbriggs near Glasgow.


Millport Country Music Festival Scotland's biggest independent country music festival on Isle of Cumbrae.


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